Q. I recently received my doctorate overseas, but I don’t have any professional experience yet. Can I apply?

A. The Program’s requirements for applicants do not place limits on the year when the degree was obtained, or on work experience. Regardless whether you received your degree this year or have work experience, so long as your most recent salaried work in the past 2 years was not in Taiwan, you meet the application requirements and can apply.


Q. I anticipate receiving my degree this year, but still don’t have my diploma. Can I apply?

A. Applicants may start the online application and then have your foreign advising professor provide relevant certification. If you pass review, you will receive subsidies only for meals, accommodations, and transportation while participating in the 10-day 2020 "Leaders in Future Trends O2O Conference."


Q. Does this Program provide job matching services?

A. This Program is aimed at assisting overseas talents to return/go to Taiwan for service. Thus, applicants selected to participate in the 2020 Leaders in Future Trends O2O Conference in Taiwan, the Program will arrange professional exchange activities, visits to national development projects and domestic industries, academia, and research institutes, and also organize a talent matching event, the Program’s own job matching, and industry-academic organizations.


Q. Is participation in all activities mandatory?

A.While returning/coming to Taiwan to attend the "Leaders in Future Trends O2O Conference," selected applicants must participate in all exchange activities; those who fail to participate in all activities shall not be subsidized for their airfare to Taiwan. However, if a selected applicant accepts an offer of employment at an enterprise/university/research organization while in Taiwan to participate in the Program, even if he/she does not participate in all activities, he/she may still be subsidized for airfare subsidy with an official proof of employment.

Q.During the exchange period in Taiwan, if I find a job, Can I stop my exchange activities?

A.If a selected applicant accepts an offer of employment at an enterprise/university/research organization during the exchange activity period in Taiwan, he/she shall notify the LIFT Program Office and provide proof of employment, and he/she may cease participating in exchange activities after obtaining the Program Office's consent.